Through a film the story becomes real, thereby real and alive. We create films with and because of the passion that brought us to filmmaking. We are a team of story tellers, directors and conceptionists. All from different worlds of communication and advertising.


Daniel Ronacher

Director, Cinematographer

Daniel Ronacher is an award-winning director, cinematographer and managing director of SolidShot. His passion for turning your stories into unique movies and his talent for creating the right emotions in the audience is applied every day in the production of his films. Daniel's top priority is the authenticity and empathy of his shots.

Julia Brunhuber

Head of Operations

Julia Brunhuber is Head of Operations at SolidShot, responsible for organization and finance. Her talent for detailed planning, combined with her business knowledge, enables her to deliver efficient solutions for maximizing your output. She works in the background to ensure that on the day of shooting, the team's focus can be solely on creative work, not organizational stumbling stones.

Sinan Krempels

Head of ICT

Sinan Krempels is the technical center of SolidShot. With years of experience and technical understanding, he works in the background to ensure that every single SolidShot production facility meets the highest quality standards. To support the entire team, he ensures that IT infrastructure and equipment are always up and running.

Ivana Stürzenbaum

Concept & Copywriter

Ivana Stürzenbaum is responsible for concept and text for the SolidShot team. The experienced creative has worked many years in the Salzburg advertising industry and all over Austria in various marketing sectors. Her work with filmmaker Daniel Ronacher focuses on the correct positions, the telling of stories and their cinematic implementation.

Michael Frankenberger

Head of Music

With Michael Frankenberger, SolidShot has won an internationally working composer who also composes for companies like Hans Zimmer´s Extreme Music / Bleeding Fingers Custom Music Shop as a freelance composer. Michael is known for his work on "We Shall Not Die Now", which he composed together with Ashton Gleckman and Golden Globe, Emmy & Grammy nominee Benjamin Wallfisch.

Christoph Handl

Camera Operator

Christoph Handl is a freelance camera man and in many projects part of the creative team of SolidShot. Together with Daniel Ronacher, he eternalizes moments to load your film with emotion. His perspective and eye for detail are an important contribution to every production.