Case Study

The Path of Steel

The task

As a leading company in product development in the steel industry, voestalpine Krems is a partner of many major brands. Steel is an essential material for various industries and therefore part of our daily life. Only those who innovatively focus on future markets can take on a sustainable pioneering role. This film shows the outstanding role of voestalpine Krems, from the creation of the steel to the further processing of the raw material.


The viewer is drawn directly into a world that he/she does not immediately recognize. The tension remains, the little stories about brands and partners only form into a big whole in the end. Very emotional explanations are given of how the arc closes and what is ultimately behind it all. A company that does outstanding things for the world and everyday life.




Image Film



Making of

The path from the creation of the steel, through the further processing of the raw material, to its final use is depicted. The vividness of the raw material is shown in an emotional way and a steel story is told. Great brands and partners are staged as well as the outstanding importance of voestalpine Krems as a location and a motivated team that is aware of its responsibility for the company.

Social Media

In order to provide the ideal preparation for social media channels, short spin-offs were produced with the existing image material. These are woven into different stories.


The Path of Steel – German

The film was also set to sound in German for usage in German-speaking countries.