Case Study

Tradition Within

Project Objective

This short film production is an internal project whose objective is to illustrate the influence of tradition and customs on life in the region of Salzburg.


The narrator is the person who takes a particularly critical look at the present and past times. The question of hold, of one’s own roots, imposes itself upon him. Then the film leads us into a world of magical landscapes and people deeply rooted in their traditions. It has long since become clear to the viewer that it goes much deeper than one might initially think. Customs and rituals are a part of lived life. Again and again, from birth to death, these images and sounds accompany us.




Short Film



Making of

An annual circle of emotions, a short film about customs and the significance of religious rituals for mankind. A film about people, their homeland, their emotions in situations of joy and grief. The whole story is accompanied by a unique landscape, characterized by mountains and lakes, meadows and fields, just like it is typical for the region of Salzburg.