Case Study

A Love Story


Employees are the company’s most valuable asset. Some companies have already recognized this and are now taking advantage to strengthen their position in the labour market through employer branding campaigns. In this way, motivated employees are recruited for the organization who are in the perfect place to live their personality and talents as well as to support the company. The campaign concept for MAN was developed by DEBA-certified employer branding specialist Heinz Herczeg. In coordination with his concept, the creative concept of the clip was set up.

Project Objectives

In order to strengthen MAN’s profile as an employer, employer branding clips highlight training opportunities at MAN. The aim of the films is to make young people aware and curious about an apprenticeship at MAN and to introduce the company at the same time.


Built in the style of an American television series, the film slowly leads to the first contact with MAN. A new world opens up for a young man in search of his secret love. He suddenly sees and understands that an apprenticeship at MAN can mean an undreamt-of variety and opportunity for him and is therefore just right for him. The complete campaign can be found here.


MAN Logo


Employer Branding


Storytelling Clips

Making of

Looking for his secret love Marie and trying to give her back the bag she lost, Jakob enters the world of MAN for the first time. He experiences and feels the diversity of possibilities as well as appreciation and respect in the company and discovers, in addition to what he is looking for, his passion and fascination for commercial vehicle technology.