Case Study


Making of

For each area of the project, such as aggression, loneliness, violence within the family or false self-perception, stories have been created to tell of the stories of these lives. Authentic, with actors exactly at this age and extraordinarily believable in the role. At the same time the films should entertain and carry the tension.


Project Objectives

kids-line is a helpline for children and young people. In order to generate more awareness amongst the target group, attention-grabbing spots were created for the cinema. The aim was to present the various aspects of young people that lead to exceptional situations in an authentic way.  The teenagers should find themselves in the played situations.




Cinema Ads


Storytelling Clips

Visceral Hatred

Sinus does not understand the world and the world does not understand Sinus. He seems full of aggression and finds no way to free himself from the cycle of incomprehension and anger.

Dear Loneliness

Jonas has always been alone, he can’t even remember that it was different. Actually he has already got used to having no friends. But sometimes, especially on his way home in the train, he gets tired of the fun his classmates have.

The First Time

Laura’s in love. Actually, she is more than happy. She already has a boyfriend and meets him regularly. But how far should she go? She can’t talk to her parents or teachers about sexuality. But such a conversation would help her now extremely…

Good Night

Lena can’t fall asleep for another time. Her parents are fighting and she is afraid that her father’s rage against her mother might hit her once again. Sometimes. dad doesn’t know the difference. She cries in her bed and just wants someone to say good night to her.