Case Study

Employer Branding

The Task

As part of the PEP program (permanent development process), MAN employees should be motivated to enter into an active dialogue with company management and to participate in the process with personal suggestions for improvement. The medium of film functions to generate interest in participating and communicating messages about process resutls, annually.

Making of

The meaning and purpose of the PEP program are shown in the form of everyday scenes from the company in connection with brainstorming. The focus is on interviews, in which employees and managers provide information about what has been achieved for all company locations and as well as headquarters.

The medium is multi-channel compatible. Messages are sent to a computer, laptop and cell phone (via app). A pilot project with a multi-touch solution (interactive bulletin board) is also in the making.


MAN Logo


Employer Branding


Internal Employer Branding

The predecessor: STIBA

Before the introduction of the PEP (permanent development process), STIBA, the mood barometer that is used in all companies of the VOLKSWAGEN Group, was used to regularly get employees’ opinions on various topics related to company processes. The main task of the first film production was to increase the participation rate in the survey. This was an excellent success. With 98% MAN Austria achieved the best results group-wide.