Case Study

Apprenticeship Campaign

The task

Three short cinema clips were to be produced for the company Glas Gasperlmair GmbH, which would arouse the interest of the target group of 14 to 18-year-olds in being able to use their potential and talents in the glass industry. The short films should be attractively designed to attract attention in short insertions.


The three short cinema commercials each have a different focus: career, talents and nature. Each spot can be seen and understood individually, as the stories told are independent and self-contained. Thanks to a consistent storytelling, it is nevertheless clearly recognisable that these are three components of a campaign. The young talents in the film provide an insight into their everyday lives and show why an apprenticeship at Glas Gasperlmair GmbH is just right for them.


Apprenticeship Campaign | Glas Gasperlmair


Employer Branding


Storytelling Clips

Further Videos of the Campaign